Ethical Giving is a charitable trust that facilitates the transfer of funds to good causes

Set up in 2009 by Ethical Investors. Ethical Giving is now managed by a group of Independent Trustees and supported by employees of both Ethical Investors and Ethical Screening.

Our grants

Our grants are made up of the following:

  • Profits from our two companies
  • Clients who donate directly to the Trust
  • Clients who wish to make donations to specific organisations
  • Directions received from legacies

Donations can also be made anonymously at the client's request.
For further information contact us at

Our trust searches for causes and organisations that can deliver outcomes that we want to support. The Trustees are keen to offer small grants (usually under £2,000) that can have a high impact. The majority of grants support work within the Gloucestershire area.

We regularly review the nature and theme of the grants on offer. This is done in order to respond to how life and our environment is changing. For this reason, we are not able to accept grant applications.