Kokare Primary School


Through generous contributions from the Ethical Giving of Kes 131,291.00 Wellboring Groundwater and her lead partner undertook the rehabilitation of the Water well at Kokare primary school that has been abandoned for the last 4 years.


The school fraternity and the surrounding community members has been suffering from the lack of clean safe drinking and were depending non the seasonal stream which is about 4 km away. This challenge resulted in diarrhea and other water related diseases not only amongst school pupils but general community too.


The rehabilitation of Kokare Primary water well, has removed the burden on women and children travelling long distances carrying water on their backs. Quite a significant population walks long distances in search of water -from seasonal streams which in most cases are dirty.



This project would be impossible without the vibrant co-operation and the willingness of the community, it would be very hard to realize the success of this project. The readiness of the community is a crystal-clear sign that this project will last for ages. Giving the ownership to the locals will ensure the proper maintenance of this well. The evident need expressed by the community is also clear evidence that the community holds dear this golden treasure.



Wellboring Team (in UK & Kenya) take this opportunity to register their sincere appreciation to the schools to have given their best energy, time, and locally available resources to make this work a success.


On behalf of the school fraternity, WellBoring takes this opportunity to thank the Ethical Giving for the grant support.