Food Loose Cheltenham

Elimination of single use plastics, reduction of food waste, ethical sourcing of products, reuse, recycling – such pressing issues are leading more and more people to support bulk food stores now springing up all over the country. 
Cheltenham’s Foodloose was established in 2018 in response to suggestions from local people. It shares space in the premises of Global Footsteps, a Cheltenham charity with a strong Fair Trade ethic; Ethical Giving funded the initial publicity to help spread the word. The plastic free shop is run entirely by volunteers and was originally open two days a week until feedback encouraged staff to expand the range of products and opening times after only a few weeks.  

Customers bring their own storage containers, re-used takeaway boxes and bags to fill with just the quantity they need of dried foods such as pulses, seeds, dried fruit, grains, nuts and sugar. There is a variety of refillable household and personal cleaning products such as washing-up liquid, toilet cleaner, shampoo and liquid soap plus useful items such as bamboo toothbrushes and re-useable coffee cups. 
Our mission is to make sustainably packaged goods accessible to everyone, whether you’re living zero-waste or interested in making your first plastic-free switch, we can help!
You can find us at 16 Portland Street Cheltenham and on the links below.  
Global Footsteps