The Play Sanctuary

Thanks to support from Ethical Giving, we have created a 'Play Sanctuary' - a safe and nurturing indoor and outdoor space where children affected by life's ups and downs can create, move and benefit from the physical, emotional and social benefits of child led play.

We have converted a small warehouse space (30 sq.m) at City Works, Gloucester, adjacent to our office and store, into a Play Sanctuary where our most experienced Play Rangers will provide therapeutic playwork (Play Nurture) in a creative place that children go to relax, recharge and build their resilience.

The indoor play room provides shelter and space for creative play such as painting, clay, dressing up and Lego. The outdoor garden provides space for den building, hammocks, a mud kitchen, sand pit, rain water harvester and fire pit for cooking. Uniquely, we have our trained therapy dog Rafa, available to provide animal nurture. The Play Sanctuary is for small groups of children and individuals and is a non-clinical intervention that uses the therapeutic power of play.

Find out more about the Play Sanctuary project here