About Us

Ethical Giving was set up in 2009 as a charitable trust in association with our two businesses Ethical Investors and Ethical Screening. It is managed by a group of independent Trustees and supported by employees of the two companies.

Since Ethical Investors was established in 1989 it has allocated 50% of profits to good causes; Ethical Screening makes annual donations to various charities selected by the employees; the Trust has become the vehicle for both firms.

After discussions with clients it became apparent that we needed to offer them use of Ethical Giving as a means of making charitable donations on their behalf. There are many organisations that offer such services, but charges can be significant, thus reducing the value of the donation. This charge can be 5% or higher of the donated sum.

The grants that we make come from:

         A percentage of profits from our two companies;

Clients who can donate directly to the Trust for Trustees to manage; this can be done anonymously;

Clients who wish to make donations to specific organisations; again this can be done anonymously.

All we ask of the organisations receiving the grants and donations is a short report and photographs, as appropriate. These are posted on this website to help develop the scope of the Trust.

The Trustees regularly review the nature and theme of the awards that are made. This is done in order to respond to how life and our environment is changing. For this reason, the Trustees do not accept grant applications. The Trustees search for organisations that can deliver outcomes that they want to support.

The Trustees are particularly keen to offer small grants (usually under £2,000) that have high impact. The majority of grants tend to support work within Gloucestershire.